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“The eyes are the windows to the soul.” I’m a broken record when it comes to this statement but… it’s the truth! Not only is eye contact an immensely powerful way to create better connections, but your eyes are so unique, like fingerprints, and will ALWAYS be in style. Inside this article, I’ll share how to make eyes pop. Yes! we are going to contour your eyes… let’s go!


My 4 tips on how to make your eyes pop

1 – Contour Your Eyes

Contour your eyes?? What?? Yes! Every shape of eye can be contoured to draw attention to them. Contouring is creating shadows to add depth.

Take hooded eyes for example Hooded eyes don’t have much of a crease and therefore, have more light space above the eye. Our eyes have to compete with that light space so to keep the attention on our eyes, we need to add depth by creating a crease. Apply a neutral shade, deeper than your skin tone, just above your crease, and blend up and out towards the brow bone. 

You could also bring the contour down under your lash line to open the eyes even further. 

Pro Tip: Don’t leave heavy eyeliner lines around the eye. This will close them up. Instead, try a nude eyeliner on the bottom waterline.


2 – Fill Your Brows

Your brows frame your eyes. Have you ever held your fingers over your brows to see what you’d look like without them? Go give it a try and you’ll see what I mean. Just as we talked about the open light space between your eyebrow and eye, the same goes for the forehead and your eyes! Our brows are like a stopping point to keep the focus in that area so if your brows aren’t defined, our eyes want to travel up to the next point which would be our forehead. 

Pro Tip: Choose a brow shade that best matches your brows – if they are blonde, go one shade darker to add in that depth. Don’t go too dark or completely color in your brows otherwise, the attention will be on your brows and not on your eyes


3- Frame Your Eyes with Mascara/Lashes

Adding length to your lashes will instantly frame the eyes and also make them appear larger. A semi-waterproof mascara is my favorite to use because you still get the darkest pigment that won’t pull grey like waterproof tends to do, yet, semi-waterproof still dries much faster than a non-waterproof so you can more easily build thickness onto your lashes. 

Pro Tip: Whether you’re applying mascara or faux lashes, the best way to figure out what area to really focus on is to take a look at your eyes and see what area on your eyes you’d like to lift. For example, if you have downturned (or those beautiful puppy eyes!) you’ll want to add more length to the outer corners to lift them upward. If you have hooded eyes, you’ll want more length in the center of the lashes. 



4 – Keep The Lips Neutral To Keep Your Eyes The Center Of Attention

If we want the attention on our eyes, it only makes sense to take it away from other areas, including the lips. This doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t wear any lip color but keeping the shade the closest to your natural lip color will not only “finish the painting” but it will keep the attention focused on the eyes.

Eyes Are the Windows To Your Soul

Make your eyes the center of attention by applying these 4 simple steps to your makeup routine. Take some time to practice and see what works best for your eyes and make those beauties pop!


Susan Kauffman

What if you west eye glasses?

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