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This is the number one makeup concern my mature women are coming to me for help with - How to keep their foundation from settling into fine lines and wrinkles. 

And after nearly 20 years of doing makeup, I will fill you in on the secret!


You can’t… 😩 (I know, I'm sorry...If there was a way to completely eliminate it, we would all just know already, right?!)

Anytime you put foundation over a physical crease, gravity will settle it. 

HOWEVER, there are ways to MINIMIZE the appearance of foundation creasing 🎉

And I’m going to share one way with you today! 👇🏻

First, the reason why wrinkles can be emphasized by makeup is one of 2 reasons - the product is being applied too heavily, or the product formula is too heavy for your skin. (Remember gravity!)

So what you want to do is:

(Over freshly moisturized skin) Apply your foundation in a THIN even layer - if you need a little more coverage in certain areas, you can stipple a little bit more over those areas (if those areas include a crease, try to avoid placing more product directly over it.) See the Mineral Sheer Tint in action!

My favorite way to do this is to use the Mineral Sheer Tint as the base (this formula is hydrating, lightweight and still evens out the skintone.)

Then, use the Corrector Palette to neutralize any other distracting colors such as dark circles, hyperpigmentation, blemishes etc.) The Corrector Palette is highly pigmented so you only need the smallest amount - which means, minimal creasing! 💪🏻

Lastly, for the magic. (I love magic remember?!)

Take a blending sponge (dry is best for this!) or your finger and, ever so lightly, tap over any creased areas. This will pick up any extra product in those areas that are just sitting there waaaiting to settle. 

I’m sure you’re wondering - But what if I use powder?! 


haha, I’m kidding (kind of) but if you’re using powder as your foundation and having issues with your wrinkles being accentuated, it’s because it’s drying your skin out and dry skin shows every bit of texture. 👎🏻

Give a liquid or cream a try! If you’re worried about it looking too dewy, you can either apply a light dusting of translucent powder or take the sponge and lightly tap any sheen away:)

If you prefer more coverage with your foundation, give the Mineral Liquid Powder or Luminous Foundation a try (while they are heavier than the Sheer Tint, they are still lightweight- remember, thin even layers and sponge off any excess!)

To recap: Make sure that your skin is hydrated, and you're using lightweight products with high pigment!


Have a makeup question? Write your question in the comment below and I am happy to help! 

Want to become a pro at doing your own makeup? 

Check out my Master Your Makeup course! 
(This also includes a 30 minute consult so we can make sure you’re using the right products and shades for your beautiful self.)


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