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I wish I could tell you that I haven’t fell victim to the late night Netflix binge… 

I mean, IS it cake?! I had to know! 

 I knew better. I knew how the lack of good quality sleep affected my skin (and brain too 🫣). 

Thanks to my 2 superhero’s - Mineral Sheer Tint and Corrector Palette, I could fool you into thinking I got plenty of beautiful sleep. 

But sadly, it doesn’t work on the brain- I mean, don’t get me wrong, it does wonders for a quick boost of confidence.. but really, how long does confidence last when the brain fog, lack of focus and anxiety decide they are sticking around?? 

Not. Very. Long. 

Whether it’s Netflix or mindless social scrolling, If you’re feeling it too but thinking-

“I can’t quit the night time binge- it’s the only time I can shut my brain off!” 

“It’s just until this shows over!” 

“I will only watch a few!” 

Don’t worry! I found a cool trick that worked wonders for me. 

Disclaimer: Now, I did have to have a slight bit of willpower (Hey Netflix, how about stop sending me “shows I may be interested in!”) but not too much because I was SO tired of feeling scattered and seeing my dark circles increase😩

So I made the decision I was going to find a way to get myself to bed early. 

I stumbled on a podcast called Sleep Magic (Umm..I LOVE magic) so I decided to give it a try.

I can’t tell you much about it after 5 minutes into it though…

because I’m already SLEEPING 🎉 and it’s the greatest feeling ever to wake up feeling rested -and honestly, just proud for doing something good for myself! 💕

If you’d like to finally break free from the binge-watching grip I highly recommend giving Sleep Magic a try. (Or if you’ve found something else magical that’s helped you, please share with me in the comments below!)

But if you’d rather climb an icy mountain barefoot than give up your nightly scroll, might I suggest, my 2 favorite skin saviors. 💪🏻

Mineral Sheer Tint + Corrector Palette


P.S. I also have a complete makeup course that you can dive into, if you’d like! 

I mean, if we’re staying up late, at least in the morning you’ll be excited to implement some new makeup techniques! 😍

See a sneak peak into color correcting here

 I hope you have a restful night and sweet dreams!!



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