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When choosing the perfect eyeshadow color, you want to pick colors that will make your eyes pop. But how many times have you gone through makeup stores or shopped online and thought, “oh, that’s such a beautiful color!” And immediately bought that color only to find it didn’t look that great on you? There’s a reason for this; it’s called color theory. Makeup is an art form, and just like with painting, knowing the color wheel is essential for a good application. In this article, I will share with you how to choose the perfect eyeshadow to make your eyes pop!

Let’s Start Experimenting

While you can jump into Color Theory in the Master Your Makeup Course, for now, let’s dive into which shades go best with your eye color so that you can choose the perfect eyeshadow color for your beautiful eyes… So go ahead, start experimenting. That’s how you’ll find your favorites!

Not only do your eyes dominate human connection, but playing up your eye color never goes out of style. 

Making Those Blue Eyes Pop: Choosing the Perfect Eyeshadow

Blue eyes are best enhanced with the right shade of eye makeup that doesn’t overpower or take away from the hue. 

If you have blue eyes with a fair skin tone, try combos based on pink undertones, like milk chocolate, taupe, mauve, and blush. These shades will enhance your blue eyes without overpowering your complexion. 

If you have more color to your skin, shadows with warm yellow/orange undertones like champagne, gold, bronze, peach, rose gold, and coffee shades will really make those baby blues pop

Can you wear blue eyeshadows with blue eyes? (You can do whatever you want, girl!) However, make sure to apply a neutral shade to your crease/lash line to anchor the blue down, so it doesn’t look dated. Then play around with different tones of blue to see which works for your specific eye color as you choose the perfect eyeshadow color. Any blue shadows that match your eye shade exactly can actually make your eye color look dull by comparison. Shop Loren Cosmetics.


Choosing The Perfect Eyeshadow Color for Brown Eyes

Dark Brown Eyes

Since brown doesn’t have an opposite or complementary color on the color wheel, most shades will look beautiful! The determining factor will be in the depth of your brown eyes. If your eyes are dark brown, medium to dark shades of eyeshadow will work for you. Try plum, forest green, or charcoal gray. Take a closer look at the flecks of lighter color in your eyes and use those hues to select your eyeliner colorthat’s where the magic happens:) Shop Loren Cosmetics.

Medium Brown Eyes

You truly can wear almost any color of eye makeup if you have medium brown eyes. Choose a deeper matte shade (purple/brown/green) for the crease/lash line, and then find a shade or eyeliner that matches the flecks in your eyes to give that pop to your eye color. Shop Loren Cosmetics.

Light Brown Eyes

Lighter brown eyes tend to have more gold/green in them, so If your eyes are so light they are hazel, try Champagne tones with violet, bronze, or brown liner to define the eye. Avoid heavy black lines around the eye as this draws attention away from your eye and onto the liner instead (we don’t want that!) instead, line with a deeper brown or try other colors such as plum/charcoal and smudge them out. Shop Loren Cosmetics.


Creating The Perfect Look For Green Eyes

Perfect Eyeshadow Color For Green Eyes

Purple and green are on the opposite sides of the color wheel, so when you smoke out your lids with some purple shadow, the green part of your eye really pops in contrast. 

Gold and copper are great for highlighting green eyes as well when choosing the perfect eyeshadow. A general rule for green eyes is to choose warm shades vs. cooler ones. But again, play around and see which one makes your green eyes shine!

Black eyeliner really makes those green eyes pop – just make sure to smudge out hard edges. Go for a deep brown eyeliner for a softer look. 

One of my favorite eye-popping tricks is to add depth with a neutral and then find another fleck of color in your eye (lots of times, a gold shade works beautifully) and add that pop of color to the center of your upper and lower lid- this creates a halo and adds a sparkle to your eye. Shop Loren Cosmetics.

Create Your Perfect Eye

By learning some basics of color theory, you can create the perfect look. Just remember when choosing the perfect eyeshadow color for your eyes that the best colors are the ones that look good on you! To master your perfect colors, check out the Master Your Makeup Course.


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