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Do you ever feel like you spend hours looking for the perfect foundation, only to end up frustrated with a product you don’t even like? If so, you’re not alone. Foundation is a tricky thing to get right, but with the right tips, it can be easy. In this post, I will share my tips for finding your perfect foundation and my favorite natural makeup foundation products. So read on and find your perfect match!


A Natural Makeup Look

Do you want your face to look like it’s your real skin? I know, this question draws the biggest “what?” face. I’m assuming they immediately think “well, yes, I don’t want it to look like I have a mask of makeup on” So I like to show them what I mean by this example – 

In a world full of photoshop and filters, we may forget that our real skin normally has a lot of variation and texture. It’s a living, breathing ecosystem with pores designed to be the gatekeepers of what goes in (hydration and nutrients) and what comes out (sweat and sebum). 

When I ask my clients why they wear foundation, the answer is always – to hide distractions or even skin tone. However, you can do those things and still have it look like your real skin. 

So If you are one that doesn’t want to eliminate all of the variations in your skin, you’ll love a sheer foundation. It’s light and hydrating, yet, still evens out your skin tone. 

When you are looking for a sheer foundation, look for natural makeup products like my favorite HERE!


That Flawless Finish Look

Do you want that flawless photoshopped look? This is what many want and I believe it’s because we’re so used to seeing our skin (or nearly every social media photo) a certain way especially if you’ve been wearing more of a full coverage foundation forever. 

If you want that flawless-looking skin, a full coverage foundation is what you’ll love. However, you’ll still want to marry well with your skin.

My Top 2 Full-coverage Foundations 

Finishing Touches: Makeup Application

If you’re in between wanting your skin to look like skin yet still cover more than a sheer formula will, this will be in your application technique

For more coverage with your sheer formula, use a brush to apply and stipple a bit more product over areas you want more coverage. 

For less coverage with your full coverage foundation, add a small amount of your moisturizer to your foundation and apply with your fingers.

All that’s left is to shop Loren Cosmetics for your perfect foundation!


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