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When it comes to beauty, we all want quick and easy solutions that will make us look our best. And fortunately, there are a few instant beauty hacks that can help with just that. In this post, I’ll share some of my favorite tricks for looking more polished in no time.


Beauty Hacks For When Life Gets In The Way

While we should all be getting our beauty sleep, eating/drinking to nourish our body, taking good care of our skin, and implementing habits to manage our stress levels, we know that sometimes it all gets away from us and that mirror reminds us!! 

So if you’re having one of those mornings, here are four of my favorite instant beauty hacks you need to know!


#1: The “I’m well-rested” hack

FIRST, before you skip to the good part, I will say it over and over, you NEED good sleep. If you’re not getting it, it affects every part of your life- the way your body functions, your stress levels, and the way your skin looks and acts. So while this beauty hack is an instant “fix” I don’t recommend relying on this regularly. However, I’m super thankful for it because it’s awesome!

Grab yourself a bottle of Bausch+Lomb’s LUMIFY

One drop of this in each eye brightens those red, dull, glassy eyes instantly. Seriously, it’s like magic. 

#2 The “Eye Lift” hack 

Do you have eyelids that aren’t generally visible and retract into your crease? Or, as you’ve aged, has your eyelid space diminished leaving you with extra skin? 

While of course, you could get a surgical eye-lift, not all of us are ready or willing to do that. So in the meantime, check out this amazing little tool!

Eye Lift Strips: Place these little strips on your crease line and voila! Instant eye-lift!  See the video application here. I recommend applying them before your eyeshadows on clean dry skin. 


#3 The “flawless skin” hack

Have you ever looked into the mirror and found that your pores are too large? You are not alone. Actually enlarged pores are very common in women, especially those with combination to oily skin. 

Of course, It will help to minimize your pores if you cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin regularly but here are 2 of my favorite makeup tips and tricks that can help to make your skin look smoother…instantly:)

Jojoba oil: Since the molecules of Jojoba Oil are so similar to your own natural sebum, your skin thinks that it has enough oil and doesn’t need to make any more – which in turn makes your pores produce less oil, preventing them from stretching out and becoming clogged and looking larger.

Luminous Foundation: I have never seen a foundation blur imperfections like this one. Not to mention, be medium/full coverage and still look like skin. 

To instantly diffuse pores, the trick is LESS product and a quick switch between clockwise/counter-clockwise brush rotations over the pores. 


#4 The “bigger eyes” hack

It’s no secret that lashes open up the eyes but unfortunately, some of us aren’t blessed in that area. Don’t worry though! Now it’s easier than ever to instantly open up those eyes without even having to contour/highlight our eyes. 

I know what you’re thinking – I can’t put lashes on! But I’m going to show you that, yes, you can put them on:)

Introducing the “under the lash lashes.” They are as easy as applying mascara. I promise. Here is the video of my favorite lash products and how to apply them here.


Recap: My Favorite Beauty Hacks

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make yourself look more put-together, these beauty hacks are like an ace in your back pocket. But remember, it’s important to take care of yourself and your skin with the right products – no matter how busy life is! Shop Loren Cosmetics.



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